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Domestic Cleaning in London

Our Regular Domestic Cleaning Service

We understand that, in London, over the past few years it’s become increasingly difficult to find high quality, reliable domestic cleaners for your home.

A combination of external factors have created a labour shortage in the London cleaning industry and made it seemingly impossible to find a professional cleaning service at an affordable price. This, combined with high inflation has meant the days where you could pay £12.50/hr for a good cleaning or housekeeping service are gone. However, all is not lost.

At Scrubs, we dedicate ourselves to attract experienced domestic cleaners so that our busy customers can instead spend time on doing things that are most important to them, like providing for their family or spending time with those closest to them.

Why Choose Scrubs Domestic Cleaners?

At Scrubs, all our domestic cleaners undergo a lengthy trial process in which they join one of our Deep or End of Tenancy Cleaning teams. Only once they are deemed capable of independently carrying out one of these ‘professional’ cleans to our 5-star level of service are they then eligible to become a Scrubs domestic cleaner.

By paying our cleaners significantly more than industry average, we are able to retain high quality cleaners and housekeepers, and do not suffer from the incredibly high churn rate that is seen throughout the London house cleaning industry.

Furthermore, when profiling cleaners for our customers, we will select one that meets your specific needs and requirements. Only want a cleaner with 5+ years, experience? Need your cleaner to perfect English? Want a housekeeper that is happy to iron as well as clean? No problem, just let our office team aware of your requirements and we will find someone perfect for you.

What are your Domestic Cleaning Prices?

We charge £20/hr for our domestic cleaning service. We find not only does this ensure that we are able to attract and retain high-quality cleaners that leave your home looking and feeling spotless, but also that we as a business can provide the top-of-the-range level of service that’s required.

Whether it be that your cleaner is going on holiday, you need to amend your booking time or you have a specific request you need fulfilled. Do not fret, we have you covered.

By paying this fee you can ensure that you won’t suffer from the insufficiencies that plague the London house cleaning industry, such as unreliable cleaners, low cleaning quality and high cleaner churn rate. Instead, you can enjoy a 5-star service from the very moment you contact our team.

Domestic Cleaning Checklist

For our full domestic clean checklist please contact us directly:

Why Choose Us

Agency approved

Our first-class service has allowed us to quickly build a clientele of London’s most recognised estate agents.



Our cleaning operatives are required to have a minimum of 5 years cleaning experience.


Trained Operatives

As well as being experienced, our operatives are trained to the Scrubs Cleaning Standard.


48hr Guarantee

We have a 48hr guarantee where if a customer is not 100% satisfied with the service of

Industry-Tested Products

Our cleaning operatives are only provided with the very best products & equipment.


Family-Run Business

Despite our growth, we remain a family-run business. As such,if you have a questions or queries you can immediately speak.


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Frequently Asked Questions

At Scrubs, our aim is to provide excellent domestic house cleaning services at a fair price. Hence, we charge our customers £20/hr. It allows us to attract and retain high-quality cleaners whilst ensuring our office team provide top-of-the-range customer service.

For our domestic cleaning service, we require our customers to provide cleaning equipment such as a hoover and mop. For your first couple of cleans, our cleaners will bring the detergents for the clean. Beyond that point, we kindly ask that you provide the detergents. Our cleaner will advise on where they can be purchased from.

The number of cleaners we send for each clean will depend on the specific job. For most of our domestic cleaning jobs, we send the one cleaner, with whom you can get to know and develop a good relationship with. However, for larger jobs or at the request of the customer we can organise for a team to attend and complete the house clean.

Very occasionally, there might be external circumstances that mean your housekeeper is unable to make the booking. They might be unwell, have a family emergency to attend or be on annual leave. In this case, wherever possible, we will contact you beforehand and source a replacement for the period of time that your main cleaner is away.

It is entirely up to the customer as to whether they want to be in the property for the clean. Some prefer to be there, and others prefer to leave their cleaner to get on with it themselves. All we ask is that the cleaner has a clear space to work for the duration of the booking. Although we ask the customers check at the end of each booking to ensure they are happy with the service, we ask that you do wait until the end of the booking for this.

If it is your first booking with us, then we take a £20 deposit. This is to protect our cleaners from making the trip to the property and, for a reason which is no fault of their own, not being able to complete the booking. After the first clean, there is no deposit and the full payment should be made to the cleaner upon completion of the booking.

At Scrubs, we know that trusting one of our cleaners in your home is a big deal. Hence, we do everything we can do ensure we provide the same cleaner for every booking. This allows our customers to develop a relationship with our cleaner, which we find is important in creating a great experience for both parties. If, for whatever reason, we do need to change your cleaner then we will contact you beforehand to let you know.

Currently, we provide domestic house cleaning services all over the Greater London region, and have even launched Scrubs’ cleaning outside the capital.

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