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Our End of Tenancy Cleaning
Services in Canary Wharf

Over the past 5 years, Scrubs has quickly become the market leader for End of Tenancy Cleans in Canary Wharf, and surrounding areas. 

We are trusted by some of the most respected and recognised estate agents, landlord and property management firms in the area, who know we deliver a stellar professional cleaning service for one of the most competitive price points in Canary Wharf, London. 

Canary Wharf is home to an enormous number of tenants, who want to be sure of having 100% of their deposit returned when it’s time to vacate their property. By far, the most common reason for landlords witholding part, if not all of their tenants deposit is due to the cleanliness of the property. By using Scrubs’ End of Tenancy Cleaning service, alongside our 7-day guarantee, you can rest assured that this won’t be you.

But don’t just take our word for it. Scrubs has well over 100+ reviews with an avg. rating of 4.9/5 stars. You won’t find another End of Tenancy cleaning provider in Canary Wharf with a higher average score. When comparing cleaning providers, be sure only to use respected and regulated sites such as Google Reviews & Trustpilot.

How much do we charge for an
End of Tenancy Clean?

The fastest and most effective way to receive an estimate for your End of Tenancy clean in to use our Price Calculator.

It takes less than two minutes to generate a price estimate, based on your specific End of Tenancy requirements. Then, if you are happy with the price and wish to proceed, you can click ‘Submit Enquiry’ and a member of our team will get back to you with Next Steps. This way, you’ll only hear from us if you wish to.

Scrubs is able to to offer one of the most competitive prices for our professional cleaning services in Canary Wharf because of our Lean Clean Methodology. This is a cleaning system designed by 2 of our most experienced cleaners, enabling a 5-star cleaning service to be performed in as effective way as possible. 

It’s also important to note that all cleaning equipment and supplies necessary to perform your 5* Move In/Move Out clean will be brought by the team. We have tried every product imaginable and so the team know exactly what to use to deliver the best service possible. 


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Additional Services

Carpet Cleaning

We use Steam Cleaning, otherwise known as Hot Water Extraction, to deep clean your carpets.

Upholstery Cleaning

We use modified Steam Cleaning techniques to clean all types of upholstery.

Curtain Cleaning

We can also Steam Clean your curtains rather than taking them to the Dry Cleaners.

Jobs in Canary Wharf

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Our Move In/Move Out cleaning service in Canary Wharf means all of our customers can be certain of having their entire deposit returned for their landlord. Hence, if on the incredibly rare occasion the check out report flags an issue, we will send a cleaning team back free of charge to go over anything missed.  

Is End of Tenancy Cleaning compulsory in Canary Wharf?

In Canary Wharf, like the rest of London, the condition of the rental property upon Check Out must be the same as on Check In, less fair wear and tear. An inventory check is usually performed by a 3rd party company (organised by the estate agency) to provide an independent assessment of the properties condition. If issues are flagged, the landlord will likely use a premium, same-day End of Tenancy cleaning provider to re-perform the full End of Tenancy clean. 9 times out of 10, this will be at a cost that is significantly higher than what organising a professional cleaner would have cost (often 2-3x). 

Can End of Tenancy cleaning only be done by professionals?

There is no legal requirement on tenants to pay for an End of Tenancy cleaning service. Furthermore, if a contract between the landlord/estate agent and tenant attempts to enforce such requirement, then that part of the contract is void i.e. it cannot be upheld. That being said, if the property is not returned in the same condition it was found, tenants’ deposit will be used to front up the cost for the landlords own professional cleaner, who are usually incredibly expensive. Hence, we always recommend to find a highly rated and competitively priced cleaning provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not only do we offer a guarantee, but provide one that is significantly longer than our competitors. If anything is missed in the clean, customers just need to let us know (with photographic evidence) within 7-days of the clean and we will return to rectify the issues for not a single penny. 

Our Price Calculator takes less than 2 minutes to complete and generates an estimated price for your bespoke Move Out cleaning requirements. We only want to follow up with you if you want us to, so only if you’re happy then press ‘Submit Enquiry’ and we will send you an email with next steps.  

The number of cleaners on each End of Tenancy booking varies according to the size of the job and our schedule on the particular day. Generally, we send a team large enough to complete the booking in half a day. So, for example, if a booking is to start at 9am then the estimated completion time is 1-1.30pm. However, this might not be the case if the property is large or the booking was made at short notice. If you have a deadline, then just let us know the time that the clean must be completed when making the booking and we will organise ourselves accordingly. 

Yes we do! For all our End of Tenancy cleans in Canary Wharf, our our cleaners will arrive ready with all the necessary cleaning supplies. Note, if you require Carpet, Upholstery or Curtain Steam Cleaning, then this needs to be booked in beforehand and parking might need to be arranged.

For our End of Tenancy Cleans, we usually take a £60 deposit to secure the booking, with the outstanding balance due upon completion of the clean. We’ll issue an invoice upon completion of the booking and a receipt once payment has been made. This way you’ll have physical evidence to show your landlord that you’ve had your property professionally cleaned. 

Definitely not! You’ll be glad to hear that there are no hidden fees when booking with Scrubs! We are very transparent in our policy and do not withhold any information/ costs from our clients. 

As long as the estate agents are in the vicinity of the property, then we are happy to pick the keys up for an additional £10 fee.

We appreciate the moving house is a balancing act of many parts, and if one thing falls through you might need to cancel or re-schedule the clean. As a result, we remain as flexible as possible. Just give us 48hrs notice ahead of when your clean is scheduled to start and we will return your entire deposit back, so there is no cost to you.

No, all the cleaners need is access to the property at the agreed time and instructions on how to lock up the property when leaving. That being said, if possible, we prefer customers to be there at the end of the clean just to ensure they are totally happy with the service provided. We find it saves both parties time in the future when on the exceptionally rare occasion something is missed and the team need to return.

If you need any more information on cleaning requirements and certifications you can contact us directly. Alternatively, there are some great resources & bodies that provide free information such as The British Institute of Cleaning and  Science and the National Carpet Cleaners Association.

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