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After-Build Clean

Our After Build Cleaning Service

No matter how careful builders are, renovation and decoration work never fail to fill a property with dust, debris and paint spatter. Hence, before you can enjoy your new home, there is one final step to take – a professional clean. Not only does this lead to a more pleasant home, but it is also necessary to mitigate potential serious health risks that are associated with high levels of dust, including respiratory problems such as asthma. Attempting to complete a post-construction clean yourself can feel like an impossible task when lacking the necessary equipment and expertise. Hence, our specialist After Build Operatives have 5+ years of experience in this service line and will arrive with all the necessary equipment and supplies. We have experience working for home owners, building companies and property developers so know exactly what’s required to leave your property spotless. All that we ask is for the property to have been vacated by the builders and decorators so that our team have a clear space to work. As with all our services, on the rare occasion that an area is missed we will send a team back to go over the areas in questions, free of charge!

Why use our After Build Cleaning Service

From a technical perspective, post-construction cleaning can be one of the most difficult to perform. Whether it be removing paint spatter from soft wood furnishings, or successfully vacuuming a seemingly never-ending amount of dust, After Build Cleaning involves a range of activities and requirements that aren’t involved with other types of cleans. This is why, at Scrubs, every single one of our post-construction teams are led by a Team Lead with over 10 years’ experience performing these types of clean. Our teams also come prepared with professional-level cleaning supplies and equipment, necessary to perform post-construction cleans at the highest standard. We understand that our customers often have deadlines that they wish to adhere to, which is why we’ll always send a team large enough to complete the job in a single day. We’ll also be as flexible as possible so that if your renovation works are delayed ,we’ll accommodate around you. All we require is notice at least 24hrs before the clean is scheduled to start and we’ll push the booking date back at no extra cost. Overall, our highly skilled team will take care of everything cleaning-related so that you can enjoy your brand-new home.

Our After Build Cleaning Prices

After Build Cleaning prices can vary widely depending on factors such as property size, the type of renovation or restoration work carried out and the level of quality and care taken by the company carrying out the construction works. Hence, these types of bookings can be one of the most difficult to provide an accurate estimate for without seeing the property. The fastest way to receive an accurate quote is to use the WhatsApp icon on the bottom right of the screen and send us a video of the property, alongside your name and postcode. Within minutes, one of our team will take a look and provide and accurate quote for the job required. If you’d first like an estimate, just head over to our QuickQuote page, input your details and our calculator will instantly generate an estimated price. Post-construction cleaning can be the most difficult to complete well, with professional-standard supplies and equipment necessary to complete a thorough job. Data also shows that amongst cleaning providers across London post-renovation cleans have the highest rate of complaints. Hence, although it can be slightly more expensive, we strongly recommend using a highly rated provider such as Scrubs Cleaning to avoid this possibility.


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Our after-build cleaning service is one of the most affordable in all of London, whilst ensuring you receive the required level of expertise needed to rid the property of all dust and debris.


Our specialist equipment and detergents alongside extensive experience combine to help achieve a spotless clean for a great price.


Our professionals have years of cleaning experience to ensure high quality After Build cleaning whilst requiring far less time and resources.


Health & Safety
Health and Safety is paramount while cleaning after renovation or construction. Our professionals have a deep understanding of the safety protocols that must be followed to ensure safety is not jeopardised.

Why Choose Us

Agency approved

Our first-class service has allowed us to quickly build a clientele of London’s most recognised estate agents.



Our cleaning operatives are required to have a minimum of 5 years cleaning experience.


Trained Operatives

As well as being experienced, our operatives are trained to the Scrubs Cleaning Standard.


48hr Guarantee

We have a 48hr guarantee where if a customer is not 100% satisfied with the service offered.


Industry-Tested Products

Our cleaning operatives are only provided with the very best products & equipment.


Family-Run Business

Despite our growth, we remain a family-run business. As such,if you have a questions or queries you can immediately speak.

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