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How to clean a toilet brush, without the mess

Perhaps the most unsanitary item in the majority people’s home is their toilet brush. You use it to clean the toilet but then what? Most, just put it back in their holster and leave it with many germs and matter still on. Gross! Here we will explain a quick, effective and no-mess method of cleaning your toilet brush that’s both incredibly effective and hassle-free.


Once you’ve finished cleaning your toilet using the Scrubs method that our professional cleaners use to clean toilets, it’s time to move on to the toilet brush. Make sure that you clean your toilet brush before placing it back into the holster. This is to prevent the holster to get dirty too, which is significantly more awkward and time-consuming to clean.


Prepare the Cleaning Solution

If cleaned properly, the toilet basin and water is now clean and suitable for cleaning your brush. Just put a big squirt (roughly 100ml) of cleaning solution into the toilet basin. We recommend using Harpic 10X. However, if you want a more natural or cost-effective solution, then you can also mix white wine vinegar and baking soda. As a rule of thumb, a 2:1 ratio is a good measurement combination but feel free to experiment to see what works best for your toilet!


Clean the Brush

Next, place the toilet brush in the basin for at least an hour. Make sure it is rested in a position so that the full head of the brush is emersed in the cleaning solution. Doing this will not only kill the nasty germs that are left on the entire brush, but it will also remove any substance causing discolouration so that it looks clean and is no longer unpleasant to look at. Note, it’s best to leave the toilet seat up for this so that nobody accidently comes along and sits on the end of the brush – ouch!


Dry the Brush

The last step is to allow you toilet brush to dry. There is a method of doing this which prevents any mess and stops the cleaning solution from dripping over the side of the toilet. You close the open seat and trap the brush handle between the open seat and the basin, so that the brush is held above the basin. The ensures that any solution dripping off the brush goes straight back into the basin. Usually, this drying process takes about an hour, after which you can place your clean, disinfected brush back into the holster. Just like when cleaning the brush, it is best to leave the closed part of the toilet lid open for this to ensure nobody unsuspectingly sits on the toilet and causes an accident. This is particularly common when the brush is left to dry overnight!


One of the great benefits of using this toilet brush cleaning technique over others is it takes very little time. There is probably less than a minute of actual labour time going into cleaning and drying the brush, you just need to wait for the cleaning solution to clean the brush and then for the brush to dry. Another big advantage is that all the cleaning takes place inside the toilet basin. Hence, there is no need to worry about properly cleaning and disinfecting a bowl or any other equipment that might be used. Finally, it doesn’t require any sort of expensive, specialist equipment and works with every type of brush. It’s for these reasons we recommend using this toilet brush cleaning technique over any other!

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